Kids & Dogs

Life with kids and dogs can be wonderful, horrible, wild, crazy, exciting,babysleeping nerve-wracking, stressful, delightful, and overwhelming.  Pretty Good Dog can help your family find balance at any age or stage.  Families have unique needs and require support and advice that is realistic, efficient, and effective.  Let Pretty Good Dog  provide creative and positive solutions so you can overcome challenges and reach your goals.

Pretty Good Dog’s Private Consultations offer you a chance to work with an child-dog specialist who is also a mom.  From planning or preparing for baby, to trouble shooting frustrations or conflicts, working one-on-one with an expert.

Group Workshops:

Dogs & Storks is the world’s leading parent education program for expecting and adopting families with dogs.  Plan and prepare for baby’s arrival with your dog(s) in mind. Learn to understand dog body language, handle the homecoming, critical safety tips and much more. Whether this is your first child or fifth, make sure to get off on the right foot, decrease stress and increase harmony in your home by preparing with Dogs & Storks.  This is also a perfect workshop for grandparents, nannies, or anyone else who cares for infants and dogs.

Dogs & Toddlers provides tools to help families with young children and dogs as they face the various ages and stages of baby’s first three years.  You’ll learn how to prevent problems, implement realistic management methods, facilitate appropriate interaction, and much more.  Developed by a mother, taught by a mother and geared towards real parents.  All the material covered is designed to be relevant, valuable, and easy to implement.