Neat Stuff

This is not a comprehensive list – but rather a place to get you some ideas or references products I may mention during a training session.

Dog Training Treats:

Notes: Some dogs have sensitive stomachs or even food allergies.  Check with your vet or a certified pet dietary specialist for information or guidance about choosing products that are right for your pet.  You can turn regular dog food kibble into training treats by giving in out piece by piece rather than dumping it into a dish.  Additionally, adding a few pieces of high-value food or store-bought treats to a small bag filled with kibble will allow the kibble to start to smell like something more exciting.

  • Bravo: ‘Training Treats’ & ‘Bonus Bites’
  • Sojos: “Simply Turkey” & other single-ingredient protein freeze-dried protiens
  • Wellness “Pure Rewards” & related jerky treats – come in squares that are easy to rip into little pieces
  • PureBites/Prime Taste Treats/Benny Bully’s/ Pro-Treat (Freeze dried Liver)
  • Natural Balance: ‘Tillman’s Training Tips’
  • Natural Balance: Food Rolls – come in a variety of sizes and flavors (dog food – cut in small pieces and freeze to prolong the shelf life)
  • Blue Buffalo: ‘Bits’, ‘Bites’ & ‘Stix’
  • Zukes: ‘Mini Naturals’ & ‘Jerky Naturals’
  • NutriSource ‘Soft & Tender Treats’
  • Bil Jac: ‘Liver Treats’, ‘Little Jacs’ & ‘Little Gooberlicious’
  • Cooked unseasoned meats (chicken, ground beef/pork, shredded roast beef, etc), string cheese, blue or other smelly cheeses, canned tripe, meat baby food, and a variety of other “people food” also work great for training.  Just like the store-bought treats you will need to use moderation and think about the overall nutritional needs of your dog.
  • There are new treats popping up on the market all the time!  I look for treats with relatively few ingredient, ingredients I can actually identify, and that are soft or can be broken into very small bits for training.

Mental Stimulation/Food Dispensing Toys:

Notes: Always supervise the first few interactions. Inspect toys regularly. Plan to teach or help your dog learn to use these products – if they give up before the toy is empty you might be making it too hard.

  • Kongs: Various types, shapes, styles
  • Kong Wobbler
  • Busy Buddy
  • Twist & Treat
  • Kibble Nibble
  • Magic Mushroom
  • Squirrel Dude
  • Rip ‘n Tug
  • Tug-A-Jug
  • Havaball treat toy
  • Tricky Treat Ball
  • ­­Pet Stages: Occupi
  • Everlasting Fun Ball
  • Everlasting Fire Plug
  • Everlasting Beanie Ball
  • Everlasting Treat Ball
  • Canine Genius Treat Toy
  • Nina Ottosson make a wide variety of wonderful puzzle toys

House training Clean-up Products:

Notes: Should be ammonia free and contain enzymes specific for pet waste.

  • Simple Solution
  • Nature’s Miracle

Other Behavior & Training Supplies:

These products are not appropriate for every dog or every situation.  Please consult with a qualified behavioral professional for guidance about your dog.

  • Comfort Zone: Plug-In or Spray (DAP) – Synthetic dog appeasing pheromone.
  • Calming Cap/Thunder Cap – products to reduce the amount of visual stimulus your dog receives.
  • Thundershirt – a product designed to apply a slight amount of pressure over a dog’s body.  Thought to reduce anxiety levels for some dogs in some situations.
  • I- Click (Karen Pryor) – my favorite type of clicker (with similar models made by a variety of companies).  The sound of the click is generally quieter and less sharp, and the button is much easier to push than a basic box clicker.
  • Clik Stik/Target stick with clicker – If you are going to use a target stick for any reason, why not have the clicker built in and easy to use?!
  • Click-a-trick Cards (Karen Pryor) – There are also some apps to do this as well.  These may be great ways to keep up with training or make your training more fun.
  • Freedom No-Pull Harness, Sense-ation Harness, and/or Easy Walk No Pull Harness.  With new no-pull harnesses popping up every day it’s hard to keep track.
  • Gentle Leader Head Collar
  • Treat/Bait Bags – Check your local pet store.  There are a huge variety and styles, or try a $2 waist apron from the hardware store.
  • Waist or hands-free leashes.  Stunt Runner by Stunt Puppy is my personal favorite but there are a number of different waist leashes or leashes that convert to being hands free.
  • Manners Minder/Treat & Train remote treat dispense.  There are additional companies working on similar products.
  • “Through a Dog’s Ear” CD series (also available as iTunes download)

Twin Cities Retailers:

  • Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Outlet (A business started in MN – locations around the Twin Cities).
  • Bone Adventure
  • Urbanimal (Uptown Minneapolis and St Paul)

On-line Retailers: